Welcome to ‘Dreamtime Evolution’ what brings you to this site today? Do you have a strong desire to free yourself of addictions and psychological issues? Evolve your consciousness and have a happier life?

ibogaineWe at ‘Dreamtime Evolution’ Ibogaine treatment center Thailand, are fully committed to you, and your journey of personal transformation. We provide a loving, safe environment for you to complete your evolutionary process of self discovery and growth, causing phenomenal positive change in your life. Here at ‘Dreamtime Evolution’ you can be sure of a successful Ibogaine treatment and recovery.

When you have an Ibogaine treatment, it unlocks the truth within, which enables you to find and destroy the effects to your problems and addictions. This gives amazing gains and enables you to reconnect with your soul on a level so deep that it your life is transformed forever.

The evolution of human kind alongside the use of plants has been practiced worldwide for eons. Ibogaine or Tabernacle Iboga has emerged as being the strongest teacher and healer of them all. It is used as sacred medicine to heal your consciousness, mind, body and soul .There is no other plant medicine that works in such a miraculous and remarkable way.

Imagine yourself being liberated from addictions and destructive mental processes, being free to live the life you want. Does this resonate with you? Tune in that. How does it feel? Walk through the door to this life with the help of Ibogaine.

Our ‘Dreamtime Evolution’ Ibogaine treatment center is located in Thailand on the beautiful island of Ko Samui. The Island is a tropical paradise that has pristine white sand beaches, breathtaking waterfalls and beautiful nature. Ibogaine is 100% legal in Thailand and in most of the countries in the world.

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